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Making Memories

​A Britz USA Roadtrip


California Dreaming

 Imagine cruising down Sunset Boulevard with your windows down and the sunshine on your face, what about feeling the desert heat as you drive down the famous Vegas strip, or check out the Grand Canyon from your very own vantage point. How about sitting up high with flawless views as you drive across the Golden Gate Bridge?

 Going by camper provides you with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all of these land marks in your own time and your own way.


 Image source: www.nps.gov


San Francisco – Yosemite National Park

Kick-starting your big American holiday from San Francisco will 'blow you away' from the beginning. Before driving over the bridge, stop in at Golden Gate Park and enjoy a picnic breakfast at one of the most relaxing spots in San Francisco.

 Entering Yosemite from the west entrance, you'll appreciate stunning waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more. There are also plenty of campgrounds dotted around Yosemite, so you'll be bound to find one to your liking.


Yosemite National Park – Bryce Canyon

Be prepared for a day of travelling to reach Bryce Canyon. You can break up the trip with some pit-stops in places like Lee Vining – a quaint town where you can enjoy a walk along the boardwalk or see the unusual Tufa towers at Mono Lake. You may like to spend the night here to break up the trip a little as well, however it'll really only shave 2 hours off the expected 8 hour travel time.

 With an array of camp grounds around the National Park, you may want to stay and relax at Bryce Canyon for a couple of extra days, particularly after such a big driving day. There is no place quite like Bryce Canyon where Hoodoos (odd-shaped rock formations) and spectacular forest co-exist. 


Bryce Canyon – Grand Canyon

You've heard all about it, now experience it. Get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon, drive around it to find your favourite vantage point and snap a few selfies with it. Spend time exploring it's depths and take it in from every angle.

 The camp grounds are mostly located on the Southern Rim and offer views of either the famous Las Vegas Desert or the beautiful Lake Mead National Park. If you want to spend some extra time here, there are plenty of trails to explore around the area.

Thors Hammer.jpg 

image source: http://www.nps.gov/ 


Grand Canyon – Las Vegas

You've finally reached the famous 'strip'. Some people may like to cruise down the strip in an untra-chic convertible, but your RV will definitely get you noticed. Enjoy a drink at one of the hundreds of bars or casinos on offer, go dancing with your friends, get married by Elvis, or check out some of the souvenirs and attractions with your family. No matter who you go to Vegas with, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience!


Las Vegas – Los Angeles

Unfortunately a bit of a long drive on a highway to get back to get to LA, but it'll be worth it when you pull up at Venice Beach and dip your toes in the water and explore the Santa Monica Boulevard. Who knows, you may even spot your favourite celeb sunning themselves next to you on the beach!


Planning your trip

For more information on which national parks to visit the National Park Service website has a comprehensive guide to all things nature across America.

 If you're at a bit of a loss for which campervan parks to stay in, the recreation website helps you to explore America by camper.