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Our Vehicle

​A compact motorhome perfect for a family outing or small group site-seeing adventures

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  • Comfort and Style
  • All vehicles are 4-Berth models and guaranteed 2020-2021 models.
  • Exterior length ranges from 23 to 30 ft (7.01 to 9.14m).
    Exact length cannot be requested. If you need a specific size/length, please book a premium motorhome with our sister company Road Bear RV
  • Rear bed (80" x 60") Cab-over bed (96" x 55")
  • Dry bathroom and 40 gal of fresh water
  • Cook stove and microwave
  • Full-size fridge and separate freezer
  • Air conditioning, heating and hot water
  • Independence with 110V on-board generator
  • Awning to enjoy the shade with friends
  • Large outside storage with camping table
  • Tinted windows provide privacy
  • Optional GPS and mobile/WiFi hotspot available
    WiFi hotspot covers about 95% of the populated area in the USA. Does not work outside the USA.
  • English and German speaking staff
  • Child Seat Policy (PDF)
  • Includes all you need
  • 100 miles per day
  • Cook/tableware, bedding and towels are included
  • Convenience Kits with Coffee Maker, Toaster, Pots & Pans, Plates, Silverware, Bedding and Towels
  • Preparation Fee

  • Taxes & VIP-insurance


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​​​​     All pictures are for illustration purposes and actual size may vary.


Extra hire items for your campervan

  • Child Seat
    $36.00 per rental

    Suitable for child 0-4 yrs old. annot be fitted to all vehicles. See vehicle specifications for details.

  • Booster Seat
    $36.00 per rental

    Recommended for children 4-7 years old.

  • Picnic Table
    $25.00 per rental
    This fold away outdoor table is a great addition to your rental.
  • Picnic Chair
    $18.00 each per rental
  • Pre Paid Gas (LPG)
    Voyager: $18. Other 2WD: $38.

    Used for cooking and for hot water facilities in vehicles that have this option.

  • Pre Paid Gas 4WD (LPG)
    Safari 4WD: $18. Other 4WD: $25.

    Used for cooking and for hot water facilities in vehicles that have this option.

  • Fan Heater
    $16.00 per rental
  • GPS
    $10.00 per day
    max charge: AU$100.00
  • High Chair
    $23.00 per rental
  • Tent (4 persons)
    $67 per rental
  • First Aid Kit
    $31.00 for purchase
    Supplied with your rental and charged if it is opened on your journey.
    NOTE: From 1 April 2014, First Aid Kit price will change to $35.00

  • Satellite Phone
    $18.00 per day + call costs

    ​​Many areas do not have standard cell coverage. Satellite phones cover all areas and are an important safety item for remote travel.
    *From the 1st April 2014 the satellite phone cost is $20 per day + call costs

  • MP3 Adaptor
    $15.00 per rental
  • Souvenir Hema Road Atlas
    $21.00* for purchase.

    Australian road atlas.
    *From the 1st April 2014 the Souvenir Road Atlas is AU$25 for purchase.

  • Awning
    $5.00 per day
    max charge: AU$80.00
  • Portable Hand-held Shower
    $16 per rental
  • Luggage Tarp (for 4WD Safari)
    $21.00 for purchase
  • Esky
    $23.00 per rental
  • Electronic Adatptor Plug
    $14.00 for purchase

Accident Liability Reduction Options

  • Pick ups between 01 April 2013 & 31 March 2014

    Liability ReductionAccident LiabilitySecurity DepositDaily Rate
    2WD Campervans
    Bonus Pack Nil $220* (imprint) $65
    Includes: One-way fee (if applicable), Pre-Purchase Gas (PGO), Picnic table and chairs (chairs per person), Optional Extra: Additional Protection Coverage
    Option 2Nil$220* (imprint)$45
    Optional Extra: Additional Protection Coverage
    Option 1$2,500$2,500 (debited)$29
    Standard$7,500$7,500 (debited)Included
    4WD Campervans
    Bonus Pack $500 $500 (imprint) $75
    Includes: One-way fee (if applicable), Pre-Purchase Gas (PGO), Picnic table and chairs (chairs per person), Optional Extra: 4WD Easy Cover Plus
    Option 2$500$500 (imprint)$52
    Optional Extra: 4WD Easy Cover Plus
    Option 1$3,500$3,500 (debited)$34
    Standard$7,500$7,500 (debited)Included

    *From 1 April 2014, If Liability Reduction Option Two or Britz Bonus Pack is selected the Vehicle Security Deposit has increased to AU$250


  • _

    4WD Easy Cover Plus

    If you purchase Liability Reduction 2 or the Bonus Pack a one-off payment of AU$350* per hire will reduce your accident liability to NIL and covers you for accidental damage to the overhead and underbody sections of the 4WD Campervan, unlimited tyre and windscreen cover and towing and vehicle recovery costs from 4WD roads where permission from Britz to travel on these roads has been granted. Includes single vehicle roll over damage cover.

    Please note that when purchasing the Britz Bonus Pack, the 4WD Easy Cover option can only be purchased upon vehicle collection.


  • _

    Credit cards

    All debited bonds (plus any other credit card transactions) are subject to a 2% credit card surcharge for Visa and Mastercard and 4.5% for American Express in addition to the bond amount. This surcharge is refunded when the bond is refunded for Visa and Mastercard holders.  For American Express the 4.5% is not refunded when the bond is refunded.

    Don’t forget to check that your credit card has the funds available and that the amount does not exceed your daily withdrawal allowance.​​


  • _

    Additional Protection Coverage

    This covers damage costs associated with damage from a single roll-over. This cost of damage should a single vehicle roll over occur is not covered unless this level of cover is present, providing no breach of the rental agreement. Only available in conjunction with the purchase of Liability Reduction Option 2 or the Bonus Pack. $99 per rental.


  • _

    Terms explained

    What is Accident Liability?
    Accident liability is the maximum dollar amount (cost) per accident the hirer is responsible for should there be an accident. This includes damage to the rental vehicle and any third party property. The Accident Liability that will apply can be reduced by selecting from one of the above Liability Reduction options.

    What is Security Deposit?
    The Security Deposit is required as a deposit upon the collection of your vehicle. The Security Deposit can be a full debit from the credit card supplied (all funds processed against your card) or simply an imprint (a dollar amount recorded against your card with no payment processed). The dollar amount and whether it is to be a debit or an imprint is determined by the Liability Reduction option selected as mentioned above.

    Is the Security Deposit refundable?
    The security deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged, in a clean condition and with full fuel tanks (fuel being petrol or diesel) and gas bottle. Except where the Pre-Purchase Gas Option (included in the Britz Bonus Pack) and/or Pre-Purchase Fuel has been pre-purchased.

    Daily Rate Maximum Charge
    The maximum charge for any Liability Reduction Option will be the daily rate x 50 days.


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Virtual Tour

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